Monday, September 24, 2018

Time’s ticking until we stop accepting submissions and announce who will be invited to the FitBrit grand final and be crowned the country’s fittest.

Give the challenge a go at your local Fitness First gym to get your time on the leaderboards. And don’t worry, elite athletes such as Multipower-sponsored athlete Will Kane have their own category! Even if you don’t qualify for the final you will burn fat, build muscle and develop your cardio fitness. Not bad for a workout that takes less than 20 minutes.

A redesigned circuit for this year means your strength, power and co-ordination will be pushed to the limit in an all-round test that’s the toughest FitBrit yet. Plus, a rejig of the categories means there’s an even better chance than ever to compete on a level playing field: all-new Amateur and Masters categories cater to non-professionals and over-35s, while if you’re more of a specialist, the four-way Team category means you can create a super-squad of strong men (or women) and cardio monsters.

But that’s not all. This year’s final will present an all-new challenge, so even if you aren’t top of the leaderboard, all-round fitness will increase your chance of glory more than slavishly practising the event. There’s never been a better chance to taste victory – and with prizes on offer, now’s the time to sign up. 

Not a Fitness First member? That’s not a problem – get your free 5-day pass here.

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