Monday, September 24, 2018

Want to test your fitness against the rest of the country? The Men’s Fitness FitBrit Challenge is for you. The ultimate gym test – returning for its seventh year – will see people in Fitness First gyms around the UK taking part in a competition to find the Britain’s fittest man and woman. This year you can also partner up with a friend and compete as a pair. Whichever option you choose, if you want to bag a good spot on the leaderboard you’d better get training on the competition’s eight moves, which must be performed back to back.

1. Row

Men 500m (level 10)

Women 400m (level 10)

Set the lever to 10, strap your feet in and stroke your way to 500m. Strong pulls are the key – use your legs to initiate each one.

2. Kettlebell double-arm push press

Men 30 reps (12kg)

Women 20 reps (8kg)

Hold the kettlebells at shoulder height, resting on your shoulders. Bend your legs slightly and drive up, using the momentum to press the weights overhead.

3. ViPR lateral tilt to ground

Men 20 reps (16kg)

Women 20 reps (10kg)

Stand holding the ViPR upright, and lower it to the floor as you drop into a lateral lunge. Repeat to the other side. Every touch to the

4. Bike

Men 3km (level 10) 

Women 3km (level 6) 

Make sure the exercise bike is set to the right level before you start so you won’t waste precious seconds adjusting it. Avoid freewheeling during the challenge or you’ll be disqualified.


Men 30 reps

Women 20 reps

Keep these fast but strict. Bring your chest down so it’s no more than a fist’s width from the floor, and straighten your arms at the top of the move. 

6. Stellbell slam

Men 20 reps (9kg)

Women 10 reps (9kg)

The steelbell is similar to a round sandbag. Grab it with two hands, raise it above your head and slam it into the ground. 

7. Kettlebell two-arm swing

Men 30 reps (20kg)

Women 30 reps (12kg)

Hold the bell with both hands and keep your arms straight. Thrust your hips forward to initiate the move and swing the weight up to eye level.

8. Run

Men 1km

Women 800m

You’re on the home straight. Leap on the treadmill, find the right pace to get you to the end and hang on until the finish line. Dismount safely, then celebrate.