Monday, September 24, 2018

Norman Parke is quietly making a name for himself in the UFC. His pro record shows just two defeats in 23 fights, and he’s undefeated in his five UFC bouts – in fact he’d be on an 11-fight winning streak if not for a point deduction against Leonardo Santos at UFC Fight Night in March that led to a draw. His most recent win, a TKO stoppage of the wily veteran Naoyuki Kotani at UFC Fight Night Dublin in July, has his stock at an-all time high. 

So how does his phenomenal fight fitness translate to the requirements of FitBrit? ‘It’s a great challenge,’ he says, after finishing in a highly respectable 14min 5sec. ‘It’s quite different from the short, explosive movements I make when I’m throwing big punches or kicks but it’s not a million miles away from putting constant pressure on someone for an entire 15-minute bout.’

And his tip for getting through FitBrit in the fastest time possible?  ‘There are loads of technical things you can do to shave seconds off your time, but the most important thing is to just keep pushing,’ says Parke. ‘Whether fighting or doing this challenge, your attitude has to be about always moving forwards. If you start thinking about easing off, your opponent will find an opening, or you won’t put in a time you’re happy with. What’s 15 minutes of hard work compared to the sweet taste of victory or a PB?’

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